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My name is Hajime SASAKI. I am a Designer, and a Mobile App Developer and a National Government Licensed Guide Interpreter. I build mobile applications in Java for Android, and C# for Android, iOS. And I am currently testing mobile apps in SwiftUI for iOS. Other than that, I take tourists through KYOTO, OSAKA, and HYOGO. These areas are called KANSAI region, western Japan in another word.

I have some apps for iOS and Android. If you were interested in Japanese words or letters, such as Hiragana, Katakana, Kanji or Chinese character, please download and use some of apps. I would be pleased if you left your comments.

By the way, if you plan to visit Japan, such as KYOTO, OSAKA, NARA, and HYOGO, and think about hiring a guide, go ahead send an email to me ( please. I would like to make an itinerary considering your interests and time schedule of visiting Japan.


I studied a cognitive science at Chukyo University. After graduating, I worked for a high school as a temporary teacher (Math) for 8 years or so. And I quit a job and I went to Perth, Scotland to learn English at Perth College Language School in 2003. I obtained the qualification of English teacher at Open University in 2012. Then, I got the Oracle Certified Java Programmer, Sliver SE7 in 2015. And then, I obtained a National Government Licensed Guide Interpreter in 2018.


I am a Designer, a Mobile App Developer, and a National Government Licensed Guide Interpreter. I have been a designer for a user interface of Car navigation since 2003. And I have been an Android developer since 2019, and a Xamarin developer since 2020, crafting both iOS apps and Android apps somehow relate to Japanese words and letters that would hopefully interest as many people as possible in the world. And then, I have been the Licensed Guide since 2018. Since then, I have guided some tourists through KYOTO, OSAKA, and HYOGO. Since I live in KOBE where is famous for Sake, I would like to take more tourists to Sake Breweries though; I have not had no opportunity to do so. I hope that my dream would come true in the near future. In my spare time, I do some gardening. I have been keen on taking care of a few types of rose, such as Augusta Luise, and a Parade, and a Michelangelo etc. I have also been interested in a fruit gardening, such as an orange, a grapevine, and a fig tree. Other than gardening, I am interested in learning foreign languages as well, not only English but also French etc. I have not been to any countries lately though; I have been to Scotland, Sweden, France, Belgium, and Luxembourg.


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