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This app is specially created with people who are interested in Japanese letters as well as 100 poems.

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The app consists of three parts.

Firstly, you could practice Japanese letters, such as Hiragana and extra Hiragana as well. Secondly, you could practice Japanese words consisted of Hiragana letters. Thirdly, you could learn 100 WAKA poems practicing reading and writing.

What is the App like.

These 100 WAKA poems were carefully selected by teika FUJIWARA, who is a court noble as well as a poet, in the beginning of Kamakura period (from 1185 to 1333).

As you see, I gave this app the name of 100 poems though; these WAKA poems are known as 百人一首 (ひゃくにんいっしゅ [Hyaku ninn issyu]) in Japan. This anthology of WAKA poems are also known as 小倉百人一首 (おぐらひゃくにんいっしゅ [Ogura Hyaku ninn issyu]), because he has been known to compile these poems at his cottage that was located in the mountain called Mt. OGURA.

These WAKA poems basically depict a natural landscape through a change of four seasons or a romantic interest that swings subtly between joy and sadness, which has been said to manifest a Japanese aesthetic feeling. The wording of WAKA poems is not that easy even for people in Japanese today though; I hope that you might feel their hearts by reading and writing 100 poems through this app.

Japanese enjoy playing with 100 WAKA Poems.

Japanese not only enjoy reading WAKA poems but also enjoy playing with WAKA poems using KARUTA (かるた) that is a Japanese playing card on which these WAKA phrases are written.

The KARUTA card consists of two kinds of cards. The upper phrase is written on the one card and the lower phrase is written on the other card.

To play KARUTA game, the first thing to do is put 100 cards, on which lower phrase is written, on a floor at random. And competitors sit around these cards.

Then, the reader, who sits out a game, reads a upper phrase at first and then reads a lower phrase. The upper phrase is supposed to be read one time, the lower phrase is supposed to be read two times.

During these phrase are read, competitors tries to find the card the reader has just read, on which the lower phrase is written. As you imagine, in order to find the right one faster than anyone, you must not only recall a lower phrase but also know where the right card is put on the floor as soon as a upper phrase is read by the reader. The winner is decided on how many cards you get. If you got a wrong card, you would be taken away an one point.

I hope that the app may help you to memorize 100 WAKA poems, so that you would be able to immerse yourself in Japanese literature and enjoy KARUTA game as well.

Enjoy drawing Hiragana letters and 100 poems !

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How to draw line to compose Japanese Letter?

On a drawing area on the practice page of the app, you would see a few icons, such as a star and two types of arrows. You could compose each Japanese letter following these icons.

At the end of stroke, two types of arrows are shown, because a way to stop drawing a line is slightly different, the one is [TOME], the another is [HARAI].

star: This is a starting point to draw a Japanese letter.


[TOME] arrow: It shows that you stop drawing a line, and then take your digital-pen or index finger up.


[HARAI] arrow: It shows that you stop drawing a line, taking your digital-pen or index finger up. This action might be similar to what you may brush dirt off with a brush.


Hopefully this app may interest you.

If so, you can go to the Google Play page of this app, tapping the button below.

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