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This app is specially created with people who are interested in Japanese letters as well as Calorie Care.

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The app consists of two parts.

On the one part where you could practice Japanese letters, such as Hiragana / Katakana / Kanji, that used in this app. On the other part where you could make sure your ideal daily Nutrient intake, such as Energy / Protein / Fat / Carbohydrate, by putting your name, age and gender. These information are only saved in your device.

After that, you could start to record what you eat and drink along with some Information on Nutrition facts. These data are supposed to be saved on Breakfast page, Lunch page and Dinner page separately though; You could make sure daily Nutrient intake as well.

As you can see, Calorie care pages consist of Japanese words, which means that it would be good thing for Japanese learners since you could check your Japanese skill after you are done with the practice part of the app as well as make sure Nutrient intake.

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How to draw line to compose Japanese Letter?

On a drawing area on the practice page of the app, you would see a few icons, such as a star and two types of arrows. You could compose each Japanese letter following these icons.

At the end of stroke, two types of arrows are shown, because a way to stop drawing a line is slightly different, the one is [TOME], the another is [HARAI].

star: This is a starting point to draw a Japanese letter.


[TOME] arrow: It shows that you stop drawing a line, and then take your digital-pen or index finger up.


[HARAI] arrow: It shows that you stop drawing a line, taking your digital-pen or index finger up. This action might be similar to what you may brush dirt off with a brush.


Hopefully this app may interest you.

If so, you can go to the Google Play page of this app, tapping the button below.

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