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This app has been specially created with people who not only are big fan of Apple Watch but also plan to visit Japan or are interested in Katakana (カタカナ) letters in particular and also wonder how to write them.

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What is the App like?

There are two steps to learn Katakana letters on the app. The one is to practice a single Katakana letter, which is focused on how to write and how to pronounce each letter. The other is to practice Japanese word written in Katakana letters, which is focused on how to compose Katakana letters to build a meaningful Japanese word. As you see, a single Katakana letter has no meaning. Katakana letters are only supposed to make sense if they are composed to build a Japanese word. On the practice page of Japanese word, you can see both English word and Japanese word written in Katakana letters.

Here is an example.

Let’s say, if you want to say that you ate an omelet.

If you only use Hiragana to write this, it would be

(A) わたし は おむれつ を たべた [watasi wa omuretu wo tabeta].

Then, if you replace some words with Kanji character, it would be

(B) 私 は おむれつ を 食べた [watasi wa omuretu wo tabeta].

And then, if you replace an imported word with Katakana, it would be

(C) 私 は オムレツ を 食べた [watasi wa omuretu wo tabeta].

Even though the face of (C) is different from the face of (A) and (B), all of them are exactly the same meaning. What is difference between (A) and (B) is that 2 words are replace to Kanji characters. And, what is difference between (B) and (C) is that 1 word is replace to Katakana characters.

- わたし or 私, means [ I ].

- おむれつ or オムレツ, means [ omelet ].

- たべた or 食べた, means [ ate ].

If you see a sentence (C), you will notice that there are still some Hiragana letters left and wonder why these letters are still written in Hiragana. The answer to your question is that these are the letters that are not replaceable to Kanji and Katakana letters.

Lastly, I would like you to feel like having a bit of Katakana letters up your Apple Watch, as the saying goes, "have something up one's sleeve."

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How to draw line to compose Japanese Letter?

On a drawing area on the practice page of the app, you would see a few icons, such as a star and two types of arrows. You could compose each Japanese letter following these icons.

At the end of stroke, two types of arrows are shown, because a way to stop drawing a line is slightly different, the one is [TOME], the another is [HARAI].

star: This is a starting point to draw a Japanese letter.


[TOME] arrow: It shows that you stop drawing a line, and then take your digital-pen or index finger up.


[HARAI] arrow: It shows that you stop drawing a line, taking your digital-pen or index finger up. This action might be similar to what you may brush dirt off with a brush.


Hopefully this app may interest you.

If so, you can go to the App Store page of this app, using the QR code or tapping the button below.

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